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‘Eco-brandals’ target airline adverts in coordinated mass poster attack

Activists from the Brandalism group have targeted posters in cities including London, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Brighton as well as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Rome this week

Activists subvert poster sites to shame aviation and ad industries

Billboards have been hijacked across Europe to highlight role of airline emissions in climate crisis

Billboards ‘hacked’ across Europe in protest against adverts for airlines and fossil fuel

Tongue-in-cheek adverts created amid a growing movement against air travel and fossil fuel use


To boycott or not to boycott: how agencies should work with high-carbon clients

Rip the piss ere

London’s biggest ad agencies targeted in anti-advertising climate protests

Rumble in ems’h corporate jungles


European Ad Agencies Targeted by Spoof Posters Calling Out Their Fossil Fuel Clients

Read it & Reap.

A few rare mure nobel mentions innit;

A collective of international artists and activists is taking over public advertising spaces that primarily celebrate capitalism and consumption – Brandalism has been holding corporate giants accountable for their greed, corruption and misuse of power since 2012. The subvertising collective started as an art project as a result of the dominance of corporate advertising messages in public spaces. Dirty banks and brands, beware! A collective of guerilla artivists is coming for you.

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