Is political apathy an issue in the creative industry? And is it dangerous to let advertising agencies lead change?

How political apathy opens opportunities for brands to lead change, was the headline of a recent PRWeek article. Activists have struggled to radicalise design since the First Things First Manifesto was launched in 1964 & republished three times in an effort to combat a complacent industry; it’s probably the most important document in modern design history. However it was ignored by the whole industry and still is for the most part. 

I was a boozy fan of this ad from Brewdoggles. Which is more like a commercial subvert, [dirty wink] ( some of my compadres in propaganda brigada would pull me up on a rack for that ) … But anyway the company lost its ethical B Corp certificate, status, “branding” almost instantly for it, as it was called hypocritical for running a World Cup ad campaign highlighting Qatar’s poor human rights record despite being criticised by the Unite Hospitality union for the treatment of its own workers – Guardian

I wonder if BCorp will drop the advertising agencies whose clients invest in weapons next? We were pointing our brandal SuperSoakers™ at Havas New York & their BNY Mellon account last year for that. BNY Mellon invests in major military contractors and nuclear weapons. It’s legitimatising the continued toxic work of advertising agencies. Want to check those details head to Anyone reading this at BCorp going to drop Havas? Is this okay? And Havas London is also a BCorp – why?? Their clients include Heathrow Airport, the UK’s biggest single source of carbon emissions, and PIMCO whose funds invest in weapons and major polluters.

And what about the Havas group as a whole? They work with every big polluter under the sun, [ pulls up the Clean Creatives F-List ] HAVAS Conran Design Group Shell Havas Events ExxonMobil Havas Media (Havas Media Ortega) Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Havas People BP Havas Sports TotalEnergies – but these two BCorp branded agencies in question are apparently completely separate corporate entities on paper. However, that’s not stopped Havas Group from abusing the title across the whole network in signature corporate criminal ways. We must refuse to accept that BCorp is a “force for radical change” required to tackle the world’s pressing problems if this is the kind of thing going on out there. But it is important to rally round the more activist members of BCorp especially ones in here, who would agree; this is fucked. fracked. fedigragousfoolhardy. frolicsome

Should advertisers even get BCorp branding in the first rotten place?

AI; Yes, advertisers should be able to get BCorp status if they meet the criteria. BCorp certification is a way for companies to show that they are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. As long as an advertising company meets the criteria, they should be able to receive BCorp certification. Advertising can be beneficial if it is done in a responsible, ethical way that is not manipulative or exploitative. Companies should also strive to create ads that are informative and promote healthy consumer behavior. But if advertisers are not following these standards, then it is not okay, if corporate advertising is used to mislead or manipulate consumers, or to make false or deceptive claims, then it is not acceptable.

And that’s what almost all corporate advertising does, mislead or manipulate & make false or deceptive claims, it’s a huge waste of creative time & money that could be better spent on building communities and shit that matters. The criteria for BCorp, needs some serious work, I think we all agree on that at least in C4C despite our differences, which I think will slowly merge with the advent of AI – dumb as f’ will not pass with this robot. And I invite you to a friendly drag race right here, ryet now, in a C4C thread, or track of ye choosing on any subject matter in the field.

Now, more than ever, is the time for brands to harness the important role they play in society, rather than being afraid to put themselves out there on issues that sit close to the hearts of their customers.  – pr week

I like how they said customers, instead of consumers.

But is it okay, for advertising agencies to sway political opinion?
AI thinks not; No, it is not okay for advertising agencies to sway political opinion. Advertising agencies should not use their influence to manipulate public opinion for political purposes, as this would violate ethical standards in the advertising industry.

But, what then, what the hell are we gonna do? I say ‘we’ but I really mean my brothers & sisters still in the shit. I’m already smashing logos, and all sorts of design anarchy.

It’s important to understand. The Overton window has shifted far to the right and moderate social democracy is regarded as extremist. The need for social and economic justice, Equality of opportunity, Environmental protection, A foreign policy based on peace and diplomacy, Social democratic reforms, these are all regarded as far-left extremism now; because of Political apathy.

What does this mean? Well, the rise of fascism.
Because the whole creative industry has sat on its arse selling burgers & beers. And for many many years, this didn’t come around quickly or anything. We’ve been getting shafted by the far-right for well, almost fff’forever it seems.
Are there any positives to fascism?
AI; No, fascism is an oppressive political ideology, an extreme form of authoritarianism, that has been associated with totalitarianism, militarism, and racism. It has been linked to some of the worst atrocities in human history, including genocide and war. There are no positives to fascism.

So if you are not worried, ye should be. And I am talking to anyone reading this in a position to do something about it at your desk at your house, agency, backyard, even my mice are rolling dice.

I’ll say that again; even my mice are rolling dice. That is a dark reference to extreme pacificism. I mean I pluck bugs out of ponds mate. Is that what real far-faaaar left is now? I call it Zen Anarchy, some kind of nutty Buddhism or something bruv.

[ swigs good beer, and tries to get back on course somewhere ]

Political apathy is certainly an issue in the creative industry, as in many other industries. In the creative industry, the combination of low wages, high pressure and often an isolated working environment can make it difficult for people to stay engaged in politics, even if they are interested. Additionally, many creative professionals are freelancers or contractors and may not feel connected to a larger political movement or organization. However, there are steps that can be taken to increase political engagement in the creative industry. Organizations can work to increase awareness of political issues and host events to encourage political participation. Additionally, employers could provide resources or training to help employees stay informed and knowledgeable about political issues. With more awareness, education, and engagement, the creative industry could become more politically active.

The dangers of political apathy are numerous. When people are apathetic about politics, they are less likely to take part in the democratic process and less likely to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. This can lead to government policies and laws that are not reflective of the wishes of the people and can lead to a lack of representation for certain populations or causes. Additionally, when people are apathetic, they are less likely to engage in civil discourse or debate, which can lead to a lack of understanding of differing perspectives and an inability to come to compromises or solutions. Political apathy can also lead to a sense of powerlessness and disillusionment, particularly in underrepresented communities.

I’ve heard even active designers [ I mean one with an actual opinion ] out there tell brands to stay the hell out of politics, which I disagree with, I think it’s the whole damn problem, opinion ninjas with no interest in politics apparently …

everything is fucking political.

Note; it’s not a sub; it’s definitely not a sub – we’re still being sold something.
                Well, what the flip is it then?
…           Reactionary Advertising.     

Anti-Sponsorship, what next?
Interested to hear back from anyone in C4C on this Hot Dog.

🙄 it means his black cats know how to rap lads.
And now with AI, their rotten corporate soulwhs; ⱤɆ Mł₦Ɇ.
[ ey larkh twhoo kreep dis sp’ace; fur notes ]

or … Spelling mistakes freak the shit out of big business …

What is AI clearly naff at?
Talking like a haunted crow.

I think ya’ll gonna be a livid as my well-behaved Elves, when ye find out how far I’ve been down the rabbit hole
Don’t be fool’d by the jokes, I am MAD AS A HATTER.

and thats a clue about my next post …
Hexing the Patriarchy

How AI is gonna be a curse on corporate culture.


Why the hell would you wanna try and kill a Fox? What are ye, a Tory or something? It’s an idiom; one of me favourite bloody things in word. In this case it means don’t use the wrong strategy for a situation. Our situation is corporatisation. It suggests that the wrong tool or approach can be ineffective in achieving the desired result. In this case, more corporatisation. For example, if you are trying to find a solution to a complicated problem, like corporate behaviour, don’t use a simplistic approach, like corporate brand building, as it won’t be successful. Especially with anti-corporate Wolves like me aroond.

[ What does Anarchy Corporation mean to you? ]

What are you trying to do? Sabotage our whole operation in the climate movement? 
We have already been burned …
do you understand that ye BCorp wretches & heathenshf’ ?

[ preps bunny costume with Ben ]

[ Opens Can ]

When workmen strive to do better than well,
They do confound their skill in covetousness;
And oftentimes excusing of a fault
Doth make the fault the worse by the excuse,
As patches set upon a little breach
Discredit more in hiding of the fault
Than did the fault before it was so fookin’ patch’d!!

– King John, Shakespeare

Stop kissing corporate arse.

Cheers 🍻 


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